Silicon Africa is the innovative hub for Internet of Things (IoT) and Information Technology IT in the north of Africa. It will be built by phases as one of the core components of Tunisia Economic City TEC mega economic and urban development project.

A collaboration between ABC Technique FZE, an entrepreneur company specialized in IT turnkey solutions based in Dubai with its international partners and Tunisia Economic City, it’s a PPP (Public Private Partnership) project and it stretches over an area of 1.6 square kilometers within Tunisia Economic City, as a free zone and freehold development.

Silicon Africa will host the main and regional headquarters to leading IT companies and startups to cater for the African continent. It will create the platform for innovation and development in the fields of IT and everything IT, IoT. Data Centers, servers, telecommunication transmitters, renewable energy power generators including solar, wind, recycling and kinetic water powered.

The new city Silicon Africa will connect the African countries between each other, the African continent with the world and the world with the universe.

We are very excited about Silicon Africa, it’s time the riches of Africa are used to develop this continent and its people.

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